99% of All  Businesses Hate Marketing and Sales and Only Do Sales and Marketing Because they Need Clients

Automate  Your Sales & Marketing and Spend

More Tiime on Implementing  Your Product & Services

(that's what you want right?)

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  • Turn warm suspects into hot prospects
  • Turn hot prospects into raving customers
  • Have new prospects come to you
  • Turn dead leads into recurring revenue
  • Invest no money upfront or ongoing
  • Be part of the community that helps each other to achive the 5 "W's" of Marketing..."Win, Win, Win...Win...Win!

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We have taken the PlumTree Marketing Model to the Next Generation.

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There are only 4 areas to make money in your Business:

  1. New Sales (these are the hardest to get and most expensive
  2. Customer referrals - These are the low hanging fruit
  3. Cross sell, up sell and re-sell (how to get more dollars from the same customer)
  4. Keep your customers (clients leave 71% of the time because someone else is paying more attention to them called the competitors sales people

Plumtree Marketing has systems you can implement to manage all 4 areas. Start small and build up into them all or go big and be big.  the key is keep your revenue higher than your marketing expense.

 implement a Powerful Marketing Strategy and System

1) A Life Cycle Sales Process with Pre-Written Content 2) delivered in an Automated Pre-determined Sequence that does the Heavy Lifting 3) Eliminate the Guess Work with an Automated Follow up System That Tells You Who To Call, What to Say and What to Do Next 4) Delivered with Mixed Marketing Methods (to keep it fresh) 


So Even a Entry Level Sales Person Can Succeed.


Then have the system manage the 4 areas of revenue growth - Find prospects and let the system implement drip marketing to manage the timing when they need to buy what you sell (use this to put you in front of more customers at the right time), once they buy, you become a "trusted advisor" so you must implement a process to ask 100% of your new clients for a referral or "Quality Introduction", build in a cross sell, upsell and re-sell process (this is almost free money) and lock down the back door so nobody steals your clients from your database. Contact us if you want to implement a program that does this.

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Marketing should help you generate both "Now" leads, and "Not Now" Leads and be cost effective where you are generating more money in sales then you are spending on marketing. Our clients love this about us.

Visit and schedule a free 30 minute appointment with one of our marketing experts or with myself directly, 

On the call you will be asked you two important questions:  "Do you have all the leads you can handle now or can you handle more?"  If Yes you can handle more, then  "How many more can you handle?". That will be our starting point and then we will dive into your business and provide answers.


George Ishee - CEO and Chief Dude

(Now Let's Learn the Secrets to Marketing)

The Secret to Generating More Sales is to Create a System that Does All the Heavy Lifting

Look at our Logo at the Top of the Page - It's a PlumTree with One Low Hanging Fruit - Because that's What EVERYBODY is Looking for but it's all the green fruit you need to pay attention to because that is your future growth.

 How does that translate into more sales and revenue? Consider this: The Red Plums are your "Now" Buyers, the Green Plums are your future buyers.  Imagine If You Could "Automate" the Process tocapture, just a small percentage of  the GREEN fruit exactly when they ripen, (i.e. the prospect calls you instead of you hounding them) your growth would be like "Drinking from a Fire Hydrant" and you'll have all the growth you can handle. So watch out for what you wish for.  That's what the PlumTree Activator solution does for you.

Let me ask you this... do you use Quickbooks or Peachtree Accounting software? Why?

The reason you answered yes, and your reason why you use an accounting software solution is that the accounting software has mapped out every option in the accounting process that gives you the control to systematize everything so you are not dependent on the particular accountant or data entry person you use, to get good accounting every time.

Do you have a sales system that has mapped out every option in the sales process and can make even a rookie sales person overachieve?  There is a solution that's easy to use, cost affordable and readily available.

Now, Here's You're Secret to Having Sustained Growth:

"It's Not about the Sales Person anymore, It's about the Process they use that determines YOUR Business Success!"

The Problem is 99% of the Sales People (or owners) Don't Have a Process!  They're "Winging it" at best - If You Don't Believe it, Look At Their Appointment Book or (Day Timer) and Look for Consistent Daily or Weekly Patterns being used to find new leads, consistent follow up processes or referrals- You Won't Find Any...

If You Want to Gain Control of Your Business and Have Consistent Growth - You MUST Implement a Sales Process That Gives You The Control - Not The Sales Person - It's as Simple as That.  

If you are like most business owners and sales managers, you either simply let them get away with it or you  don't have a "System that they can use to meet and exceed their quota", but it's not your fault.

Here's The Greatest Business Formula You Will Ever Learn

NDIO X CR = Increased Sales


What does this mean?  There are ONLY 2 ways to grow your business. Either increase the  Number of Deals You Are In On (NDIO), or Increase your Closing Ratio (CR), or do both and that will Increases your Sales (IS).  That's the only way to grow. It's as Simple as that!

Marketing and Process Help You Get into More Deals, Sales Training Helps You Increase Your Close Ratio. If you need help in either area, let us know.

If you leave the responsibility or control to the sales people, it doesn't, and won't happen.  If you want to implement a proven sales process, regain control of your sales, make it easy for your sales people to overachieve, then you need to take action one of the 2 following options.

1) Call for a FREE 45 Minute Consultation with one of our Specialists (770) 352-0662

2) Download our FREE REPORT - How to Out Smart, Out Market and Out Sell Your Competition, review it and then implement step 1 above. 

So Why Do You Struggle So Much To Find Leads? 

 Consider again the PlumTree Marketing logo (at the top of this page) as it is a representation of your marketplace. The tree is full of green plums (your future prospects and customers) and everyone is looking for that one LOW HANGING FRUIT (or the prospect that is ready to buy or receive a proposal right now) Is that you? The problem is if you don't show up at the PlumTree at the "exact time" that the fruit is ripe, you quickly move to the next tree and the next tree until you find the ripe and low hanging fruit, correct?  Then it happens, just as you get to the 7th or 8th tree, many of the fruit on trees 1-6 ripens and your not there...If you are looking for more leads, just manage all the green fruit until they ripen.  If you just got one more lead from every event you went to (even if it was 90 days later) you would double your business!

As all the fruit ripens, they are either picked off by your competition, or worse, fall on the ground and rot and you wondered where all the growth of your business is...Now you know.

All The Fruit Will Ripen, You Just Need an Easy System That Manages "The Timing" For You

Don't laugh, but all those green plums you walked away from is where all your future growth is.  Let me prove it...Do you have a stack of business cards in a rubber band somewhere in your office?  Those are your green plums. Did any of these potential clients say "yes I'm interested and please get in touch with me later"?  Did you contact them once and then forget them?  Statistics show that it takes at least 7 touches to create the interest for a prospect to think about you but 99% of all sales reps Quit after the first cold call. 

The simple secret to growing your business is to manage all those contacts with a system until they are ready to buy.  But where do you find a system that is a "watertight follow up system" that manages the timing for you and notifies you when they are about to "ripen". 

Cold Calling won't do this and casual and random follow up won't fix the problem, it requires a preprogrammed system that automates the process.

You Can't Sell Anything if You're Not in The Game - Nurture Your Prospects on a Continual Basis (but Automate it to keep it simple)

If your not using the PlumTree Activator automated sales system, you're allowing your competition to pick off 90% of your ripe prospects while your not looking and you wonder why it is so hard to grow your business! Ask one of our consultants to show you how to fix this immediately...Call 770-352-0662.

Having a system that constantly nurtures your prospects and keeps you in front of them when they are ready to buy, helps you  leverage your time, money and marketing efforts to grow your business anywhere from 10%, 25% or 100% in the next 12 months. When done right, your prospects should come to the conclusion that....

"I would have to be an absolute fool to do business with anyone else but you...regardless of price."

The final question you have to ask yourself is once you implement a water tight follow up system "can you handle 25% more growth in the next 12 months". Wouldn't that be a great problem to have. We've done it for others and we can do it for you.

Ask about our 100% Money Back Guarantee because we know if you run our system just 3 times a week for 1 year, we know you will not only make back your investment but implement a system that will help you increase your leads, referrals and sales for years to come.  By implementing an automated system, you are planting the seeds for customers to come to you, not you scrambling to find them. 

 Have you ever heard of a company guaranteeing you positive results from marketing?  Imagine if your Yellow Page sales representative came to you and said, "Tell you what...If you run a full page ad in our Yellow Book and you don't sell enough in a year to pay for the ad, we'll give you 100% of your money back".  Would you take the deal?  100% of the people we talk to say yes, but the Yellow Pages Rep will NEVER make you that offer, because they can't guarantee results. We can. The Risk is on us, all you have to do is use the system.  It just doesn't get any easier. Call one of our consultants now at 770-352-0662

Everyone asks what does a water tight follow up system cost?  It usually costs about the base salary of your lowest paid sales person.

If you would like to receive additional information, click here and let us know what you are looking for: support@plumtreemarketing.com and our research staff will forward you information that relates to your issues.

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