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Turn Cold Leads into Hot Leads and Then Into Sales. Automate Your Story so the World Will Know You!


Headline Bank Starter Kit


PlumTree Activator Automated Sales Solution

If you want to automate your ability to generate more leads, sales and referral, this is a total turnkey program which we research your industry and build over 300 specific letters and emails for your business. We identify the 7 steps to the life time relatiionship and provide the installation of the software and provide all the letters and emails, one year training and support.

All you have to do is run the program 3 times a week!

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MYM 10 CD Audio Pack
If you have the desire to truly understand why marketing works and want tons of examples that have worked for thousands of companies, this is the answer.  It is 11 hours of detailed information, examples including the right way to create your strategy and how to develop your tactical marketing pieces.  You will know how to systematize your marketing so it is a repeatable process year after year.


MYM 2 CD Audio book
This it the 2 CD Audio Book that will work in your Car CD Player or your computer CD drive.  It is approximately 2 hours chocked full of why all the marketing you have done in the past is wrong and how to fix it. It includes examples that you can clone to try in your business.  You should purchase a copy for every executive in your organization to understand how to grow your business!


MLM Leads
The minimal is 500 units-Be sure to include your email where to send the leads too or you will not recieve them.


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