We all know we should ask our clients for reference but always get distracted. But when they volunteer there comments unsolicited, you just have to post a few!

Wow, the PlumTree Activator has changed my marketing and by using this system, I now have clients calling me for orders when I used to be chasing them! A day without my PlumTree Activator is like a Day Without Sunshine!Ken Maggi - Owner Allegra Printing - Marietta Ga.


Within the first 90 Days, we generated over $200K in new proposals and closed $75K 60 days later. Dave Burke - Taming Turnover - Atlanta Ga


Within 90 Days of using the PlumTree Activator System, we now generate 10-12 new clients a week. Rosielee Crenshaw - Cartridge World Tulsa, OK


The first month I started using the PlumTree Activator System, my sales grew 80%. I attribute 20-25% of the growth directly to the PlumTree Activator. Luis Armas - Cartridge World, Miami Fl


I love the PlumTree Activator because it keeps me on track and allows me to stay in touch with 10 times more clients then I used to be able to. Jerome Sims -


George Ishee PlumTree Marketing 4903 Twin Branches Way Dunwoody, GA 30338 United States Subject: Why Activator has changed our business.

Dear George, I just wanted to let you know how happy we are with the PlumTree Activator. As you mentioned “ if you don’t use it., it won’t work.”

Our Company: PTI Communications is a small family owned business that sells telecommunication equipment. We have 10 people. 2 sales people and the are rest installers and support personnel. Before Activator: For 20 years we have been set in our own ways here at PTI Communications. We never had a real organized marketing campaign. We would sporadically spend money on different ways to advertise, some worked and some didn’t. As for keeping in touch with our customer base we rarely had any contact after the sale and installation. In fact we may never have heard from them until they were moving or looking for a new phone system. Sometimes we would call them years later and they had already moved or purchased another phone system. Gaining new customers.

Typically a customer was referred to us or we met them at a contractors show. We would get their business card, maybe give them a call to find out a few things about their current telecommunication equipment. We may have sent them some brochures. If we remembered we would follow up.

Since Activator: First let me mention that the system was installed in July of 2005. I procrastinated until November 2005 to really learn it and get use to it. Once I started using it and sending letters and emailing activity really started to pick up. People that we hadn’t spoken with in years started calling us. In fact one customer could not even remember who he purchased the phone system from. He called us and asked why we were sending him so many letters. By the way we ended up selling him a new phone system. Since I personally started using it in November 2005 I can attribute at least $50,000 to the implementation of Activator. But beyond the money we now are in contact with all our current customers, I am quite sure this continuous contact will lead to ever more money for PTI. PTI, now no longer “out of sight, out of mind” Best features we like: Once it is setup it is easy to use. Once you put a customer or potential customer in Activator they will never be able to get out of the campaign unless you remove them. I can click on auto follow up and it will tell me when to call someone, when to send a letter, when to email them. I click on letters and it will print them out with envelopes. All I have to do it stuff them and mail them. You can do multiple campaigns for the same customer.

Thanks George.

Sincerely, Larry Robertson

PTI Communications Senior Account Manager

If you have questions or need telecommunications equipment or solutons, contact Mr. Larry Robertson Senior Account Manager PTI COMMUNICATIONS

"Quality. Clarity. Efficiency." 1334-E Shepard Drive Sterling, Virginia 20164-4426

703-766-8612 Direct 703-406-4305 Fax


I can’t say enough about George Ishee and my PlumTreeActivator product. I recently changed jobs and l took my PlumTree Activator system with me. As I  started using my PlumTree Activator System in my new business, I was astonished that in less than a month, I made a sale that was generated by the PlumTree Activator System that paid for my total investment. This week my laptop crashed and I was able to retrieve my data but it was only through the tireless effort and hand holding that George gave made that got me up an running quickly and BACK IN BUSINESS. If you are considering this product, you will pay for your investment in no time and you will get exceptional customer service and support from George Ishee. Please feel free to call my at 404-210-0333 if you have any questions. Thanks George! Jerome B. Sims Regional Director Of Sales Tour Golf Inc. 800-383-9737- Toll Free 770-345-4199 - Office 404-210-0333- Cell 770-345-4199- Fax www.tourgolfinc.com